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las comissiones se abren, prepárense por que vengo con todo, necesito dinero, y por lo tanto dejare dibujos muy pero muy baratos, y promociones que serán de tiempo limitado que podrán a llegar a costar hasta un dolar, atentos aquí —>


the working commissions open, , get ready that come with everything I need money, and therefore fails drawings very, very cheap, and promotions are limited time which can cost up to a dollar, watch here -> 

(sorry my English, use google translator) 

hay veces que nos da miedo una cosa y a otras le da igual en este caso asi fue, yo le tengo miedo a mi mamá cuando se enoja y mi hermana, simplemente le da igul, pero a ella le aterran las cosas muertas y ami me dan igual XD, si esta basado en hechos reales la pagina de mi carnala es




-we already do not distress 

- Cerium that is easy to say but … you know how my mom gets angry when 

- Not you say that, you scared by little my mom? 

, but of course 

- Heheh you coward 

-no if you do not, brave 

- Hey care ahead a dead crow 


-if you’re brave sister 

My English is not so good, but I try to enjoy it a little more

sometimes we fear one thing and other does not care in this case was so, I have scared my mom when my sister gets angry and simply gives Igul, but she is terrified of dead things and give me ami XD like, if this was based on real events my sisters page is 

I Enjoy it 

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